Shanghai Bao Zi

A bao zi 包子 or also known as mantou can come in a variety of forms: fluffy, crispy, or to be served as a hamburger bun. They can be the perfect delight for a quick snack while you are still enjoying a nutritious delicacy. First time in Shanghai and I am already three baos in this food journey. Baos can usually be made with flour, yeast, water, and other ingredients, find the recipe here.

Fun fact: It is historically known that baozi was invented by the Chinese military strategist Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period (3rd century AD).

Note: We did eat other foods besides just bao but I wanted to stick to

Breakfast bao: pretty simple, fluffly, evenly distributed layer of sauce on the inside, and interesting choice of filling. A no brainier during busy mornings.

Lunch bao: found this gem in one of the malls, Global Harbor’s food court. The freshness is amazing but the bottom of the bao was too hard.

Dinner bao: An unexpected surprise that made its way to our table from the kitchen. I did enjoy the fun in having the bao act as a hamburger bun, definitely neutralized any of the spiciness we felt from previous foods.

What type of bao’s do you like?

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